Who is Jesus?

Quien es JesúsProbably you have ask yourself, how is Jesus? I would dare to say that this question has been asked more about Him than to any other person.

Personally, I believe that this questions and its answer has a great impact in the life on any individual. Also, the answer to this question will determine what we do as a Church.

It was C.S. Lewis who said once:

Jesus was either Lord, liar or crazy.

I believe he was right. Jesus is Lord!
One of my favorite poems which title is “A Loney Life” says the following:

Born in a small town, son of a peasant
He grew in another small town where he worked with His hands until He turned thirty
After, and for three years, He was a preacher. He never wrote any book.
He never had a public office
He never had family or home
He never went to college
He never traveled more than 300km away His home town
He never did any thing that will associate Him with “greatness”
His only credential was Himself.
He only was thirty three when the public opinion went against Him
His Friends left him
He was given away to His enemies who mock Him during His trial
He was crucified in the midst of two thieves
While He was agonizing, the soldiers gambled His garments, His only possession
When He died, he was buried in a tomb that belong to a friend.
It has passed twenty one centuries, and today He is still the central figure of our world, a decisive factor of the human race progress.
Neither world army that travel the world
Neither of the parlaments that met
Neither of the Kings of World
NEITHER OF THEM TOGETHER, were able to change the life of Human-kind on earth with a lonely life.

Unkown Author

All of this begs the questions: what do you think about Jesus? Mi hope and prayer is that you consider seriamente esta pregunta. Also is my prayer and hope that if you are reading this on this site and you have come so far, there is something being removed from your way of thinking and that you are becoming ready to accept Jesus Christ  as the savior of your life!

If this is your case, I would love to invite you to pray the following, and that you will give your heart, mind and body to Jesus. He is the who loves you and gave His life in the cross for you 2000 years ago. Becoming a Christian is not something complicated as some people think.
If you would like to know Jesus and accept it in your heart today, then humble your heart and pray:

Dear Jesus, thank You for creating me and love me; even when I have ignored you walking on my own way. I recognize my need of You in my life and I ask for your forgiveness.  Thank You for dying for me in the cross. Please help me understand it better. From now on, help me while I follow You. Please enter into my life and make me a new person from the inside out. I accept the gift of Salvation. Please help me grow as a new Christian.

This is the powerful promise from God to you:

Roman 10:13
for, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”