FOR LOVE! Join the daily movement of Intercession Christian Celebration.

We are committed to our Lord for the favor of our church, cities around us,  this country and all nations. With a vision of the the heavenly kingdom, we aim to open the gaps and release the blessings, we are the conquerors of the territories of the kingdom of heaven with the Love of God, and the love of our neighbors expressing compassion, humility and unity with our Lord.

A. Defining Intercession:

Interceding means to coincide, to meet with someone to talk to.
Throughout the Old Testament intercession is seen as part of God’s plan for his people, which is shown in the lives of some of the best names in Scriptures.
With these holy men as intercessory role model, let’s learn more about this powerful aspect of God’s plan regarding our potential prayer. There is no better way to learn than by example. Once you can see something in action, part of the mystery disappears and understanding easier.

  1. Crying out as “dehsis” in Greek, means clamor, and compared to pray, which is “deomai” which implies an obligation to do this. This is an attitude of supplication, pleading, petition for mercy.
  2. Fervent prayers, prayer implies, in the form of worship. It is “proseuje” which comes from “proseujomai”, which is also closer relationship with God on request.
  3. Petitions-“aitema”, which literally means ask.
  4. Thanksgivings- from this word we take the word Eucharist, this means gratitude. Hebrews 12.28 gratitude, awareness of receiving a favorable results. Other passages in which  this sentiment is expressed, although other translations are Luke 17.49, which is literally perhaps? Have gratitude for the servant?; 1 Corinthians 10:30: thanks and other ways.

B. Elements of Intercession:

  1. Identify ourselves with the other person or place which we intercede for – The role of Daniel in verses Daniel 9:1-19 is one very singular: Daniel is not praying for his own situation. Daniel asks God for his people, which is not a hypocritical act, but is one of intercession, ie, the gap gets on, ask someone. An advocate is someone who asks for another rather than oneself in given moments, does not ask for pride and his/her heart identifies the circumstances so by praying.
  2. Faith-The Word says that without faith it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6). Faith is believing in something that does not seem possible and declare it as something possible, what’s impossible for man God can make it possible.