Our Dream

We dream of a church that shines like a beacon of faith, hope and love in Durham, and the surrounding area – a church that is made up of real people who actively lead others to a true Savior and meet real needs as they are moved to do it by a real God.

We dream with a church full of people that have a heart for God and their faith is so contagious that non-believers that do not go to church, and those that are currently without a church feel attracted to experience Jesus for themselves – many for the first time!

We dream with a church where everything happens as a result of perseverance in prayer and the leading of the Holy Spirit. Where people humbly go where God leads them for His glory and for the benefit of people in need and unbelievers.

We dream with a church where children are raised in a relevant children ministry so that the faith they will come to know allow them to grow to maturity in Christ – a church where their continued experience of Jesus Christ will lead them through the excitement and challenges of adolescence and young adulthood, as they have seen authentic Christianity lived by the adults around them.

We dream with a church where people know they are loved because they know how to share their needs with others, they know how to pray for each other, they know how to support and encourage others, and they know how to push each other to be all that God wants them to be.

We dream with a church where discipleship is key – where people want to grow deeper in the knowledge and experience of Jesus. We long for a church where people can grow spiritually, as they put their faith in action, using the gifts and talents that God has given them, and that deliberately try to fulfill their calling in their lives.

We dream with a church where the spiritual gifts are found and used for the glory of God – a church where leaders lead, the administrator mange, teachers teach and doctors give attention, a church where people with the gift of mercy offers mercy and people with gifts of hospitality make everyone feel welcome, a church where all spiritual gifts that are found in the Bible are effectively used as God calls people to use them.

We dream with a church where people expect to find God in worship and expect with excitement that next opportunity to meet.

We dream with a church that refuses to grow inward or self-centered. A church that is respected by all, as it breathes hope and life to this world, as it responds to needs and transforms lives. A church that is so focused on what God is doing who generously share their resources with the needy and other works of God throughout the world.

We dream with the Church Celebracion Cristiana!

Your church in Durham NC

Pastor Ernesto Lembert