Our Church

More than a Local Church

While the impact of our mother church is international, King’s Park is also building a local community in Durham, Cary, Raleigh, Chapel Hill and the cities surrounding the Area of Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. More than a gathering of people, King’s Park is a family of believers which includes: students and professionals, singles and families, homes where the children have moved out and young adults.

King’s Park is about knowing and enjoying God and live life with all the fullness that He has given us. It is about understanding God’s plan for our lives and daring to make a difference in the world. King’s Park is a place where the Word of God is honored and where the Lord Jesus Christ is worshiped with passion. We invite you to personally experience King’s Park in the English language any Sunday morning or Wednesday evening and in Spanish on Sundays afternoon and Wednesday evening. Your life will never again be the same.