Next Steps

With new people coming monthly to our church, there is always the question: what are the next steps in order to get involved?.
If you feel that you would like to become part of our family after browsing in our website and you feel that your calling is in Celebracion Cristiana, there are many way that you can get involved.

Become a Member

If you are interested in becoming a member, please sign up for our upcoming membership classes (Clase de Descubre). These classes are offered every two months and they are an excellent way to meet other new comers and understand about membership.


Baptism is an external sign that something has happened in your heart. If you have never experienced the believers baptism, or if you have a child that you would like to present to God, check out our calendar for these events. Also, the prophetic Ministry bring exhortation and encouragement in each of these events.

Visit a Life Group

Even though Celebracion make look like a big church, you will find out that in reality we are a network of small groups that meet in homes during the week. These groups meet then on Sunday to celebrate and praise God. You are invited to join any of these groups

Become a Volunteer

We believe that the church is a place where our gifts can benefits others and make a difference in the world. There are literally several opportunities in which you can become a volunteer. We encourage you to discover your spiritual gifts and to join our team.

There is always a place for you in Celebracion Cristiana.