Theology and Leadership Seminary

    Teaching, Equipping and Motivating to make Disciples.

    1st Trimester

    • The life of Jesus
    • A View from the Old Testament
    • My Identity in Christ
    • Doctrines: God, Salvation and The Holy Spirit

    2nd Trimester

    • Theology of Evagelism
    • Customs and Uses of Biblical Land
    • Training for Victory I
    • A view of the New Testament

    3rd Trimester

    • Training for Victory II
    • Evangelism: Methods and Practice
    • Books of Acts and Bible Geography
    • History of the Church in Latin America

    4th Trimester

    • Bibleology and Hermeneutics
    • Pauline Epistles
    • Life of Victory
    • Homeletic and Christ Center Preaching

    5th Trimester

    • Apologetics
    • Religions, Sects and Heresies
    • Books of Daniel and Revelation
    • Communication

    6th Semester

    • Conflict Resolution
    • Internal and Emotional Healing
    • Marriage and Family
    • Intro to Bible Counseling


    Registration is open through out the year. From January until December. We recommend ro read all the REQUISITES that before coming to our office. Also, please have ready a letter of recommendation from your Pastor.

    We make our best effort in order to reach all the ones who are called creating opportunities in order to leave no one behind.


    1. One year as a believer of Christ
    2. One year minimum of being baptized
    3. 16 years or older
    4. A calling to serve God
    5. A letter of recommendation from your Church’s Pastor
    6. Be of good testimony inside and outside the Church.


    The cost for 3 Subjects will be of $25

    Every Nation

    The Vision of the family of churches of Every Nation is to reach all the nations of our generation.

    In order to achieve this objective, we must evangelize to the lost, establish new believers and equip them to serve. Giving them the opportunity to make disciples in every nation in the harvest fields of the world.

    The Theology and Leadership Seminary of Every Nation is an evangelistic seminary which exist to teach, equip and motivate each member of the Christian Churches to make disciples, maximize their productivity, and Evangelize in the name of Jesus Christ expanding His Church, without any restriction of the service calling of the believer.