A Biblical process to make disciples

Discipleship is a development process based on small groups which allow the believer to accept the Lordship of Christ in everyone’s life. Also it will help you develop a personal, lasting and strong relationship based in obedience with Christ under the guidance of a mature leader who practices the actions of a true disciple of Christ.

You will Learn to:

  • Spent time alone with the Lord
  • Have fellowship with believers
  • Life according to the Word of God
  • Witness to the World
  • Pray with faith
  • Minister to others

Classes offered:

  • Discipleship 1: The Cross of the Disciple
    You will develop a deep relationship with Christ. You will practice 6 Bible principles for each disciple.
  • Discipleship 2: A Disciple Character
  • You will develop a Christ like character as you will live more in the Spirit.
  • Discipleship 3: The Victory of the Disciple
  • You will experiment the victory over the world, the flesh and the devil with spiritual warfare
  • Discipleship 4: The Mission of the Disciple
  • You will join God Mission to make disciples while you identify your spiritual growth and your role in ministry.